Aria 6810 . . .

My first *acoestic* guitar, this Aria, model 6810. I bought this at Euromusic in Apeldoorn for about 160,00 euro's. This guitar has been a part of my life for more then thirty years. The neck is super class, as is the sound. Because this guitar is so good, I have never felt the need to trade it in for a more expensive model. Nowadays it goes with me to every show, so I bought a very good gigbag for it. This guitar shows a lot of use and perhaps because of this, it became a very personal instrument.
This guitar does not have, unlike the normal western guitar, a heel, but the neck just sort of goes over in the body, where there is a piece of wood which keeps it together very well.

Aria has been building guitars for a long time. Sometimes with more succes then other times. Aria actually does not really have a great name for great guitars. Evenso, you find them reguraly, both acoestic as electric. I have never seen this one somewhere else.

The body with a massive top shows alot of wear from using. Also a small piece of the pickguard has broken. I put a piezo-element on the bridge, so I can amplify the sound on the podium. I do this by way of my digitech GNX, straight to the PA the sound is thin.

The head of this guitar once was broken. You can still see this. I repaired this myself and even tho it has scars, it has been put back together very well. The tuning mechanics were totally worn, I replaced them with a set of Schallers, something I should have done years ago!

Brand Aria 6810
Type Western guitar
Serial nr 1136305
Built +/- 1970
Body Top massive spar.
Neck Mahogany
Elements Piezo in bridge.